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Creating a collaborative environment is the key to successful outsourcing. Legacy regularly communicates with our clients to ensure effective communication and resolution. Increased interaction promotes proper alignment on objectives and targets which leads to:

Customized Solutions and Services

Avoid the costs and frustration of developing a costly in – house solution. Increase cash flow and reduce denials with our proven processes that interrogate your AR and produce results. Let our Medical billing team handle your entire revenue cycle management from start to finish.

Technologies That Drive Tremendous Value

Legacy Health understands your pains and priorities. We invested in technology solutions that deliver solid financial outcomes.

Introducing our advanced technologies in extensive insurance discovery solution, remote therapeutic monitoring, digitized patient and payer convenience, and turnkey medical coding management.

Talk to us about your goals, we will help transform your RCM Operations into a solid cash machine… generating early and full revenue capture.

Insurance Discovery

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Insurance Discovery

Legacy Health’s Insurance Discovery Tool is an advanced solution that significantly increases the identification of billable insurance coverage, returning up to 40% more coverage than conventional methods. It leverages sophisticated data mining and analytics techniques to uncover hidden insurance coverage, ensuring more comprehensive billing and reducing the burden of uncompensated care.

Personal Virtual
Assistant (PVA)

Legacy Health’s Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) services with a Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA) are a technology-based health care approach that allows medical professionals to monitor patients’ vital health data remotely. Utilizing PVA technology, it provides personalized support for patients, reminding them to take medications, scheduling follow-ups, and answering queries, thereby improving patient engagement and overall treatment outcomes.


Legacy Health’s Digital Statement Processing solution with Mobile Capability and Integrated Patient Responsibility Balance Funding is an innovative financial technology that streamlines healthcare billing, enabling patients to receive, review, and pay their medical bills directly from their mobile devices. Additionally, this system integrates funding solutions, providing patients with flexible payment options to settle their responsibility balance, thereby improving patient experience and financial transparency.

CAC Coding

Legacy Health’s Computer Assisted Coding Platform (CAC) with an Integrated Workflow Tool is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance medical coding
efficiency in both facility/institutional and professional contexts. By leveraging artificial intelligence, this platform streamlines coding processes, reduces errors, and integrates seamlessly with workflow management systems, thus improving billing accuracy and operational productivity.

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