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Our specialized skills and advanced technology streamline the process of early and precise revenue capture. We deliver coding accuracy and claims management efficacy while  reducing your aggregate cost to collect. Leveraging real-time analytics, we offer valuable insights into your present financial landscape and forecast prospective revenue trends. This will enable you to focus on providing precise and effective healthcare services to your patients.

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Helping Medical Facilities and Providers Improve Their Financial Performance

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Our client retention and longevity is the key component to our strength and continued success.

Founded in 2004, now with 3,200 employees serving more than 12,000 providers and processing over $15B of combined annual AR, Legacy Health transforms service models to best suit client growth strategy, building client confidence in managing complex RCM challenges.

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HQ - Dallas, Texas

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Cash to Net Revenue

We provide the tools and insights to achieve your business objectives. Our service model supports and promotes increased efficiencies and higher yield that creates revenue lift by improving your processes.

We optimize Revenue Cycle by delivering tech-enabled solutions improving core operational functions utilizing automation, computer assisted coding, deficiency management, and data insights.

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Creating a collaborative environment is the key to successful outsourcing. Legacy regularly communicates with our clients to ensure effective communication and resolution. Increased interaction promotes proper alignment on objectives and targets which leads to:

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Avoid the costs and frustration of developing a costly in – house solution. Increase cash flow and reduce denials with our proven processes that interrogate your AR and produce results. Let our Medical billing team handle your entire revenue cycle management from start to finish.

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